What is a Tarot Reading?

Most people know a tarot reading involves a psychic, a deck of cards, and a table, but what is it exactly? The tarot card reader may not actually be a psychic but may possess experience in giving readings. In fact, the cards aren’t actually meant to read your fortune or to tell the future. They’re meant to bring clarity, contact, and understanding with one’s higher self.

Tarot cards have been traced back to the mid-fifteenth century in Europe. The tarot deck is based on a pack of playing cards. People originally played games with these decks before readings were thought to be a profitable income. It is known that tarot card readings began around the 18th century.

The tarot card deck is a lot like your original deck of cards. It has four suits: King, Queen, Jack, and Knight. There are also cards that are numbered up to ten. There may also be a trump card and a fool card. There may be occult tarot card decks that are slightly different. These contain a major arcana and a minor arcana.

Usually the minor arcana is the king, queen, knight, and jack, while the major arcana is the addition of other cards that do not have suits, such as the magician, hanged man, empress, priestess, lovers, hermit, etc. There may also be cards based on astrology, such as sun, moon, and star. Others may depend on state, such as justice, temperance, and death.

Interestingly, having the death card appear in a reading does not mean that there will be a death in the family. Tarot card readings suffer from television’s and film’s prejudices of the occult.

The word tarot likely is derived from the French word “tarau”, which is pronounced the same way. There are many different ways to do readings.

One common and quick reading involves the client choosing three cards form the deck and placing them on the table. They will ask a question. Each card pertains to an answer from the past, the present, and the future. Once the tarot card reader has explained all three cards, another solution may also be provided that ties all the cards together.

Some readings may only require the major arcana, some minor, while others will utilize both. Readings may also involve a variety of different cards, with each position having a specific meaning.

When you’re shopping around for an excellent tarot card reader you may wish to ask them what types of readings they give. They may offer one or two readings, one after the other. It’s not recommended to do more than two in one day.

Tarot card decks can also vary. The graphics are often bold and colorful. You may choose from fairies, cats, steampunk, Egyptian, dragons, and so much more. If this is important to you, inquire as to what types of decks your tarot card reader owns.

It’s you who does all the work, not the tarot card reader. The answers are within the cards that you choose.

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