Review – Find a Psychic by Day or Night, In-Person, By Phone or Online Chat

AskNow is a psychic network that helps connect you to the most gifted and qualified psychics in the world. You can find exactly the psychic you need at any time of the day or night. You can talk to them in-person for live psychic readings. A one-click process can initiate phone readings or online chat readings at any time and any place.

Are Psychics on Ask Now For Real?

There are no doubt psychics who prefer to fleece clients than provide any value for money, even if they have one or more of the special gifts that psychics possess. But psychics on Ask Now are screened by a team of experienced managers. They are tested and handpicked for listing on the site. Only a fraction of those who apply actually end up getting listed, and only after going through a rigorous screening and testing process that ensures they are honest and serious about their work.

The most Top Rated Advisors are psychics who get high ratings from customers on the site for being highly gifted and providing extremely accurate readings. So when you see the “Top Rated Advisor” tag on a psychic’s listing on Ask Now, you can be sure that this is a person who has actually helped a lot of people on the site who are happy with the service provided.

Similarly, Elite Advisors are people who are experts and have a diverse range of talents and skills ranging from tarot readings to love and relationships, numerology, life coaching, etc. Master Advisors are the best of the best, listed at the top of the rung for their special talents and ability to help people confront unique and challenging situations.

How to Find a Psychic on Ask Now

The easiest way to find a psychic on Ask Now is to simply pick one from the home page. You can also click on the Psychics tab and browse through several different types and categories of psychics, and also filter the listings based on price.

Once you have decided which psychic you want to go with, just click on the “Call” button or “Chat” button depending on your preference for phone or chat readings. First-time customers will be asked to set up an account before you proceed. Existing customers will be directly connected to the psychic of their choice. If your psychic is unavailable, you have the option of asking for a callback or scheduling an appointment.

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